So, your construction company is starting to pick up traction and you want to get the word out, so you can attract new contracts. There are several ways you can do this, you can run ads in your local newspapers or you can buy ad time on your local TV broadcasters. There is always signage posted at your current construction sites if the owners permit it. Most even use some form of sign attached to the work vehicle through magnetics or the more modern, graphic wraps.

Regardless of which traditional method you employ to advertise your construction contracting company, your ads will need a focal point to direct potential new clients to. Usually, a phone number is where interested parties are guided to but the problem with this is that when those calls come in you are pulled away from whatever it is you are working on at that moment. This is why you need to invest in a website for your construction business.

A contractor website can direct potential customers to all the relevant information about your business. With a few clicks of the mouse prospective customers can view images of some of your previous jobs, review satisfied customer testimonials, learn about some of your suppliers know exactly where your business is located. All good information that clients need, and they do not have to interrupt your work day to receive it when your construction company has a properly developed website.

Of course, a website is only the beginning to effectively marketing your construction contracting business. While it makes for an excellent endpoint to all of your advertising, the website itself can act as an advertisement all on its own. Before that can happen there are a few steps that need to be taken to increase the potential of the site being found in search engines for your location.

There are a few steps one needs to take to help get a site achieve search engine rankings using techniques known as search engine optimization, or SEO as it is more commonly called. Following these steps won’t guarantee success at ranking higher in the search engines however, failing to use them will guarantee that your site has no chance of attaining high rankings.

First off, I would recommend using WordPress to build your site. Reason being that WordPress offers a lot of options with respect to specialty addons that allow for easy customization. Customizations for things like photo galleries to show off some of your past jobs or plugins that aid in performing SEO to your site.

For the purposes of this article I am going to assume that you took my advice and had your site built or rebuilt, using the WordPress content management system.

The first step would be to install a good SEO plugin and follow the help files to perform search engine optimization to your site. Some of the better SEO plugins are; WordPress SEO by Yoast, All in One SEO Plugin Pack and Premium WordPress SEO Pack. For absolute beginners you might want to consider SEO by Squirrly as this SEO plugin was designed with novices in mind.

Presumably, you would have hired someone or some professional service, to build the website for your business. Whomever built the site may have even performed some very basic SEO during the development. However, unless you retained an SEO professional to optimize your site, you are going to have to do some editing to your content.

Each page of your site is going to require a unique, descriptive title that contain keywords related to the topic of the page. Also, each page requires a description on the purpose of the page. Once again, the pages should reinforce the use of the specific keywords that were used within the unique titles by incorporating them into the descriptions.

Every image used one the site should have a unique, descriptive file name. For example, if the image is of a tree the file name should be tree.jpg or something like that rather than 23744916_152394.jpg or some such. Also, images allow for the use of what is known as an ALT tag. For ALT tags you should also use a keyword-based description that matches the image and supports the keyword choices for the page. Do not overdue this, keep it reasonable in length.

One of the most important thing you can do for your website in terms of helping it obtain ranking in search engines is to acquire links pointing to it from other, related sites. A good source for these types of link would be from supplier sites or other subtrades and contractors that you frequently use. You can offer them a link back from your site to theirs although it would be better if you can get one from them without offering any type of incentive.

Search engines are always looking for new, original and informative content to add to their indexing. Because of this, it is a good idea to add new content to your business site regularly. The more the better. In fact, you should plan on publishing a blog post on your company offerings at least once a week. More frequently would be better. The topics you should cover would be any news that may affect your local construction industry or, things that reflect the services your business offers.

Within the content you want to incorporate industry, and topic related, keywords. Again, do not over use these keywords by simply repeating them throughout your copy. Instead, try to use different words that have the same meaning as your targeted keywords. Also, when writing your copy, try to incorporate answers to the type of questions that a searcher might ask a search engine to find a service like yours.

A couple of other things that you should be doing with these weekly blog posts is to make sure that you add a minimum of 4 relevant tags to each one. The other, and very important thing to do is to add links to pages within your own site. Use related keywords within the copy as links to other related content within the site but once again, do not over do it by using the same keyword(s) as links to the same pages. Occasionally use unrelated keywords as internal links, things like “click here” and “read more” just to break the link text up a bit.

To round things out with the self marketing of your contractor website you need to adopt an active social media campaign whether that be the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the like. Engaging with people through these social accounts prove that your company is approachable and that you care what the consumers have to say. For content you should be including announcements about your latest posts and any specials you may be having. Don’t make it all about work though, have some fun them and post pictures, lots of well titled and described images of your company at work and play.

All the above-mentioned activities send messages to the search engines that your business is current and active. The regular posts give the search engines new content and pages to crawl. The links contained within the posts build a foundation for your liking profile that helps the search engines better understand your business so that search engines can recommend your site to searchers looking for products and services that match their needs. And finally, the inclusion of an active social media campaign can bring visitors to your site and possibly create a dialogue that can be measured to determine the success of your SEO and marketing efforts.

While all these tasks may seem like a lot of work the truth is that they are not. What they will do however, is take away some of your time that could be used doing that renovation or custom build. Should you find that to be the case and you would prefer to concentrate on conducting your normal business well, that is where Builders.Zone can lend a hand. Contact us to find out how we can help and to schedule a call to discuss your contracting needs.

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Search Engines are now one of the biggest lead generators for any online company, and Les Romhanyi is passionate about Google and Bing and everything ‘SERP.’ Truly an SEO expert in organic search optimization, Les has optimized websites for search engines before it was even called Search Engine Optimization, going back to 1995 while working on the Net Sheppard project. In the nearly two decades since, Les has provided SEO services to some of the most competitive and difficult business verticals, such as online gambling, pharmaceuticals, and real estate.