Planning your Flooring Renovation

Flooring impacts the aesthetics and cleanliness of a space. A beautiful floor creates the perfect foundation for a lovely room.

Be sure to do your homework before falling in love with new flooring. Hire a contractor and decide where you’ll store furniture during installation. Consider the following to cut down on renovation anxiety.

Your Current Flooring
Asbestos may be contained in vinyl and asphalt floors. When it’s damaged, asbestos is released into the air. It can cause serious lung disease and damage other organs over time.

It’s likely that your floors have asbestos if they were installed before 1978. Hire an asbestos savvy if they need to be removed. They’ll dispose of your floors safely.

Resale Value
Hard-surface floors have the best resale value. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home, tile and hardwood have many advantages.

  • Easy to clean
  • Odors and stains can be wiped away
  • If cared for, they’ll last decades

If you’d like something softer, an area rug can really spruce up a room.

Subcontractors and Installers
Make sure you and your contractor are on the same page. A contract should outline the costs, how you’re expected to pay, and even conflict resolution steps.

Think about creating your own contract with issues important to you (crew arrival time, daily clean up, etc.)

How will your contractor dispose of trash? Will his crew be moving around your furniture? If you’re expected to take care of disposal and moving, there are plenty of companies that can take care of it. Consider renting a storage unit for the duration of the renovation.

Anybody you hire to work in your home should be insured, licensed, and bonded. That way you’ll be sure your home and belongings are in good hands.

Don’t Rush
Your floors will be with you for a long time so be sure to take your time when deciding which floors would be perfect for your home. The process may be slower but you’ll be a lot more satisfied.