By Jon Allo

At some point or other you’re bound to come across some naysayer who says blogging is dead. Blogging was very popular when it first began in around 2007. People could freely express themselves online without having to know a lot about building websites, HTML and the like.

Some continued to blog on a regular schedule. Most lost the motivation and gave up. Those are the people who say blogging is dead. Running a blog is a test of endurance and marketing skills, not just writing skills.

The Future Of Blogging

Today, it’s never been easier to start a professional blog using software like WordPress. But just because you can start a blog doesn’t mean you should. It’s a significant commitment in terms of time and effort. That being said, the profits can be substantial for people who treat their blog into real business.

A Legitimate And Profitable Business

If you’re going to commit yourself to creating a real blog, why not get paid for it? There are a number of ways to transform a blog into a money-making machine.

The content material you post can lead to content you can sell. Information marketing is thriving, as is online education and learning. You could also turn your content into a membership blog, or a structured eCourse.

Provide Multimedia

Blogging is not just words on the page. Remember to publish a variety of posts, including, articles, lists, question and answer formats, audio and video, infographics and more. The important thing is to offer variety so your readers will keep coming back for more.

How Often Should You Publish?

Frequency is important. The more posts you have, the more probability you have to attract the search engines and connect with your target audience in order to get traffic, subscribers and sales.

But quality content matters too. Longer,value packed articles of more than 1000 words tend to take the top spots on the search engine results pages. However, longer articles mean you probably won’t be able to publish as often.

Build Authority

One of the biggest trends is creating an “authority site” for your chosen niche. This means publishing high-quality content on a regular timetable. Each post contributes to the overall perception that you are someone in the know in your niche, and, as a result, worth paying attention to. Consistency is key, and will result in steady growth and profits for your blog.

So Is Bogging Dead?

The answer is emphatically no. It’s alive and well, but it will keep on evolving as new users, devices and trends come and go. Keep an eye on those trends and your blog will remain healthy and profitable.

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Article Source: Is Blogging Dead And Buried?