Successful Marketing Tactics – Part 1

Today in part one of this two-part series, learn key areas to consider when looking to drive more traffic, and receive an immediate increase in business for your roofing company.

Getting Started
In order to grow and thrive, your roofing company needs to carefully consider which marketing tactics to use. A well-thought out marketing campaign makes all the difference. Luckily, roofing marketing can be impactful and effective without being costly.

You should use a variety of marketing strategies to stand out from your competitors. Both digital and non-digital tactics are at your disposal. The methods we present are perfect for increasing public awareness of your roofing company, which will generate more leads and sales. Fortunately, these tactics are also low cost, with some of them even being free. Without further ado, here are our recommendations for marketing your roofing business.

Claim Your Company on Google
It’s important that you claim your business on Google. You want to make sure that your company looks its best and can be found on the most used search engine in the world. Google My Business is a helpful service you can use to do just that. It allows you to add your roofing company’s phone number, address, website, or any other relevant details you can think of. And that’s just the start. Explore Google My Business and take advantage of the many other tools they offer. It’s free to do so.

Aim To Be Unique
You won’t stand out from the competition if you only market yourself as a roofing company. It’s important to come up with a unique angle. What makes your roofing company different? Perhaps you use environmentally friendly materials and methods. Maybe you have the widest selection of roof types in your state. Ensure that it is clear why potential customers should choose your roofing company over any others.

Next, brainstorm some creative marketing methods. Your business vehicles are a great mobile billboard. Display your business name and contact information on a well-designed wrap. Another method is to create signs that can be placed in current clients’ yards. Locals can see your work up close and your yard sign is a convenient way for them to find your company’s information.

Ensure Your Website is Mobile Friendly
If your roofing company doesn’t have a website, you might as well be invisible. Such is the reality in our technologically charged world. Make sure that potential customers can easily navigate your webpage and find the information they need whether they are on their laptop, desktop PC, or smartphone.

Keep these tips in mind. You want your roofing website to load quickly so potential customers don’t get frustrated waiting for the information they need. Also, keep your website tidy and easy to read. Provide helpful content about your products and services. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and anticipate what questions they may have, then include that information on your webpage.

Sticking to these guidelines will ensure a positive mobile user experience and keep potential clients on your site.

Include Keywords in Your Content
It’s important to figure out which keywords potential clients are using to find roofing companies online. There are free research tools like Google Keyword Planner that show you which long-tail keywords you should include on your website. These keywords can be added to the helpful articles you post on your company blog. Such posts will have clients returning to your website often for valuable tips and information.

When using keywords, you want to make sure that they include your location. “New Orleans roofing”, or “roofing company in Seattle” are good examples. The goal is to draw in local traffic through Google searches. Now, not all of your long-tail keywords need to take into account the area your roofing company is based in . However, adding such keywords will definitely help you target your local market.

Start Using Pay Per Click
The links at the top of a search engine results page are paid advertisements. Pay Per Click (PPC) means that businesses only pay when their links are clicked on. Businesses set a budget and agree on a price for each click. If you use the keyword “Ohio roofing company” in your marketing campaign and somebody searches for that, your roofing company advertisement will show up above all the other unpaid links. As a result, your business receives more exposure which could rake in more clients.

Be Active on Social Media
Social media is a fantastic marketing resource. It’s easy to use, free, and fun to interact with your followers. If people share your content, it’s free advertising and allows you to reach a wider audience. Here are some social media tips.

Before and after pictures are a great way to display the outstanding quality of your work. Include feedback from the customer along with your pictures. Adding them to your social media accounts shows what your roofing company is capable of.

The algorithm that Facebook uses can make it hard for business pages to attract attention. A page is still valuable, but it’s worthwhile to allocate time towards a Facebook group for your roofing company. You are the expert of the group as the business owner. Share valuable content by answering questions and offering tips. Engage with your customers and post pictures to keep the group lively.

Linkedin is a great social resource to generate leads and sales. Connect with local businesses and property managers to talk about your products and services.

A smart way to advertise to people who prefer visuals to text is through Youtube videos. Use your videos to provide answers to common questions, introduce your team to potential customers, show the quality of work your clients can expect from you, and even provide feedback from happy customers. This is a great method to spread brand awareness.

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