If you want to take control of your construction and contractor company’s official listing on Google, Google My Business is the tool to use. It allows you to modify, customize, and have a behind the scenes look at how your construction business shows up on the #1 search engine in the world. Google has recently introduced a number of new features. So, if you haven’t claimed your page on Google My Business yet, here are a few reasons why using these innovative tools should be a top priority.

Rival businesses haven’t really learnt of it yet
Most home renovation, contractor and construction companies don’t quite understand how the service works. The ones that do, may not be taking advantage of all the marketing tools GMB has in its arsenal. Whether you are located in Vancouver, Burnaby or in Surrey or Maple Ridge, being a leader and utilizing the latest marketing resources, especially when it involves Google, gives your construction business a significant advantage over your competitors.

Entice new customers with welcome offers
Who doesn’t love discounts? GMB will help your construction company draw in new clients by offering exciting financial incentives. To create an offer that visitors won’t want to lose out on, simply open the GMB app. Next, press “Turn Followers into Customers” and then “Create Welcome Offer”. Easy to set up, and super effective.

Customize your guests’ experience
Now, your construction business can add cover photos and upload logos to your listings with GMB. Visitors can also find information regarding your location and area of expertise a lot faster. GMB uses tag clouds based on location. They also automatically suggest answers to your visitors questions. This auto-generated content is compiled based on customer reviews, so it’s vital to keep providing services that encourage your clients to leave positive feedback.

Reviews can be turned into impactful content
Through Google My Business, you can create posts and publish those positive reviews. It’s all automatically generated, but you can also customize the posts to your satisfaction. Letting your clients tell potential customers in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland why they should choose your roofing or home renovation company is powerful marketing. It also cuts down on valuable time that you would have otherwise used to create your own unique content.

GMB encourages clients to contact you
To increase the odds of closing a sale, it’s important for your construction company to respond to your potential customers in a timely manner. One of the features included in the GMB app is customer messaging. It’s an innovative new way for potential clients to directly reach out to your construction business. If you add the “request a quote” button, guests can easily ask for the cost of your products and services. Quick responses and open communication are key. GMB makes it a lot simpler.

Google is continuously introducing new features through Google My Business, which makes it easier and less time consuming to generate leads. Take time to complete your company’s profile, whether you own a home renovation company, plumbing or roofing company. Begin today, and start benefiting from these great resources. If you  do not have the time to set up your own GMB account contact Builders.zone, we are here to help.

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