Video Marketing for the construction industry is one of the more recent developments in online marketing for developing leads and promoting sales. Other industries have been using this tactic for years to good effect, so it is past time for contractors to follow suit.

Not sure if you have the time, skill and expertise to jump into the video marketing space? Well sure you do. Almost anybody can point their cellphones and hit record, people are doing this all the time so why can’t you? A little concerned that you do not have the resources or interesting material to get involved with a video marketing campaign? Resources, are you kidding? Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days capable of shooting video? As far as interesting material goes, just how many home improvements shows are there on TV? People love this topic and your construction business has access to every step of the building or remodeling process.

Still not convinced that this is a good fit for marketing your contractor services online? Well then, my friend keep on reading as I lay out a few other reasons as to why you need to do this for your home improvement business.

Videos Improve Conversions and Sales

Adding a video to your home page or specific landing pages can boost conversions by as high as 80%. Having a video available on a webpage greatly increase the amount of time a viewer remains on a page. The longer someone stays on a page the greater the chance that the viewer will perform other actions within that page or site.

Research has shown that when someone views a video that explains how a product or service works, 70% of the time they usually buy that product or retain those services. This one alone should be enough to convince you that your business needs video marketing, but I will continue with other strong reasons to include this strategy into your marketing budget.

Videos Establish Trust

Without Trust in a business, product or services there are no sales, no conversions. So how do we build trust with complete strangers? By demonstrating that a company and its employees know what they are doing and short of putting on an in-person demonstration, a video is the next best thing. When asked about ordering products and services online, almost 60% of consumers reported that after watching a video they were given the confidence to make that purchase.

Search Engines Favor Videos

As previously mentioned, a video on a webpage generally means that visitors to that webpage will stay on a website much longer. The amount of time searchers stay on a website can influence how search engines like Google, rank a website. The longer a searcher stays on a website sends signals to the search engines that because viewers stayed longer the site has met the searchers needs and therefore, the content must be equal to the topic and as such, the search engine is more confident to recommend the website to their searchers.

Websites and pages are 53% more likely to rank at the top of Google when they have videos than pages that do not. To me that is a significant improvement on the odds of showing up on page 1 of a Google search.

If you are thinking of using the Google owned to host your videos then you need to make sure to include keyword enriched titles and descriptions for the videos, you also want to include appropriately keyword focused tags. You need to make sure to include links from within the video pointing back to your site and where appropriate, links to your other topic related videos. Doing so helps promote trust and authority on the subjects of the videos.

Videos Can Increase Social Activity

People have been sharing information ever since the first time our ancient ancestors beat out a warning on the side of a log to tell the others of some impending dangers lurking nearby. The methods and the messages have changed greatly over the years, but the social element has not. People are social creatures, always have been, always will be.

While the sharing of facts is important the reality is that something entertaining gets shared more quickly and more broadly. Your videos should be both informative and to some degree, entertaining. That entertainment can be in the form of some amazing craftsmanship or in just the way you piece the video together. Creating fun and entertaining videos encourages social sharing and social sharing spreads the message about your brand. That kind of spontaneous marketing can’t be bought and is huge in branding your construction business online.

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Search Engines are now one of the biggest lead generators for any online company, and Les Romhanyi is passionate about Google and Bing and everything ‘SERP.’ Truly an SEO expert in organic search optimization, Les has optimized websites for search engines before it was even called Search Engine Optimization, going back to 1995 while working on the Net Sheppard project. In the nearly two decades since, Les has provided SEO services to some of the most competitive and difficult business verticals, such as online gambling, pharmaceuticals, and real estate.