Bathroom Renovation Ideas

You’ve been thinking of renovating your bathroom for awhile. Now, it’s time to turn your boring, dull bath space into the private spa of your dreams.

A beautifully renovated bathroom is a great place to show off your style. You can transform it into a relaxing sanctuary or a statement piece depending on your design choices. There are lots of options to create a charming, tranquil, or sleek bathroom. From sinks, tubs, flooring, showers, and everything in between, our construction and design experts at TOTL Building will renovate your Vancouver space into a bathroom you’ll be proud to show off.

Are you in the planning stages or in the process of remodeling your bathroom? For the average homeowner, renovating their bathroom is typically of high priority. The bathroom has drastically changed over the years, and will continue to evolve as informed homeowners demand more innovation. This means: more options, features, customization, and unique bathrooms.

At TOTL Building, we are proud to provide bathroom remodeling services that far surpass our competitors. We are committed to providing cost-effective solutions for new bathrooms in homes across the Greater Vancouver area.

Convert Your Shower or Bath
Bathroom space will continue to increase. A growing renovation trend is turning unused living areas into surplus bathroom space. The average new home has 3-4 bathrooms, providing added privacy, and more bathrooms are being built with luxury and extravagance in mind.

The options are endless. A walk-in shower with marble walls and floors will create a distinct look and luxurious feel to your space. The choice is yours. It mostly depends on your budget and project requirements.

There are options for every function and style. Consider jets in the shower, a rain head, or make it a space comfortable for two. Once you’ve decided the function, we will present you with options in styles that compliment your budget and space.

Shower Glass
Frameless custom shower glass almost blends in to the overall design while maintaining a clean esthetic and giving the room an elegant touch. Framed glass and doors in an accent metal creates a modern effect that adds a fabulous, tailored quality to your space.

The layout of your bathroom may be determined by the placement of existing plumbing features. You also have the option of removing old fixtures and installing new ones. We can also take space from neighbouring rooms and redesign your bathroom with a new layout to maximize function, flow, and storage.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, strategically placing furniture can create warmth and a unique style.