As a busy home remodeling contractor, roofing expert, or plumber, electrician looking to hire a marketing company to build you a website, you need to know four (4) things so you can make an informed and educated decision.

ITEM 1: Your Website Shouldn't Be an Afterthought

There are countless people and companies that can build you a website. Whether you are in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, or Burnaby, you need to make sure that your company’s website is unique and works to further your marketing strategies. Your contractor website needs to show potential customers how you are different from your competition. Why should they hire you instead of construction company X, Y, or Z?

It’s not just an online brochure. Your website is a major part of a lead generating system, not an afterthought.


ITEM 2: Your Website Exists to Build Relationships with Potential Customers

The level of skepticism that we see from consumers is at an all-time high in 2019. In British Columbia alone, you’re competing with thousands of other contractors, from home renovation and remodeling companies, to HVAC and roofers.

Your website exists to foster trust between you and your potential customers. It’s there to establish yourself as an experienced authority figure in your industry. If your website does this right, you should have little trouble converting curious visitors into quality leads.

ITEM 3: Own Your Domain

You should register your domain name so that nobody else can use it. It’s an asset for your business. Your website should also be owned by you and you should have complete access to it. Some website marketing companies don’t allow that, so find one that won’t hold the face of your business hostage. And make sure you know your domain login credentials, which includes the username and password.


ITEM 4: Hire A Marketer That's Familiar with Contracting

The marketing company you hire should have some experience working with contractors. Familiarity with construction terms is an asset that will ensure your website is optimized to speak to potential clients. The company managing your online presence should be able to think ahead to what sort of contracting questions your web visitors would have. It’s all about building that connection.

So, be sure that you ask to see examples of other contracting websites from the marketing companies you’re in contact with.

At Builders.Zone we work tirelessly with contractors to optimize their online marketing plan. Contact us today to see what we can help your business accomplish.

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